World Amazing Million Dollar Bra: Most Expensive Bra Wallpapers, Photos, Pics

Jumat, 16 April 2010
Bra is a woman's undergarment worn to support and give contour to the breasts. Bra is also called as Brassiere too. Women wear bras for a variety of purposes, for support, to improve the shape of breasts, to reduce or to enlarge the perceived breast size, to restrain breast movement during an activity such as during exercise, to enhance their cleavage or to facilitate nursing. Most bras are designed to lift the breasts off the chest wall if they sag and to restrain them from movement. Bra designers strive to produce a garment that is both practical and attractive. There are so many Bras varieties available in market like: cotton Bras, chiffon Bras, denim Bras etc. and some kind of bra made from knitted with gold wire in fabric it is called as gold bra. but here is the latest collection of Worlds amazing million Dollar Bra, which you never seen before, It's really amazing!

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